Here are questions often asked by our visitors.

Q. Do I have to make a reservation for a Goma Ritual?

A. No, Goma Rituals can be requested for the same day only. For this reason, please make sure to finish your registration at the reception at least 10 minutes before the start of the ceremony.
The reception is located inside the Hōrin Kaku (the paper amulets area).

Q.Do you have parking lots?

A. We have a parking lot for cars waiting to receive a prayer.
For any large or other kinds of vehicles, please contact our office.

Tel. (042) 591-0032

Q. Do you have photos available to use for publications?

A. There are photos available to use for publications in the appropriate gallery from the link below.
Please contact us by phone to receive the password needed to open the gallery.

Tel. (042) 591-0032
Link to the gallery.


Nearest station

5 minutes walk from Tama Monorail Takahatafudō Station (Keiō Line).


New year parking

1/1〜1/3 MAP

Paid parking

There are paid parking lots around the following stations:

- Takahatafudō Station (Keio-line, Monorail)
- Tama-Doubutsukoen Station (Keio-line 1 stations, 3 minutes)
- Tama-Doubutsukoen Station (Monorail 2 stations, 4 minutes)
- Manganji Station (Monorail 1 stations, 3 minutes)
- Tachikawa-Minami Station (Monorail 4 stations, 10 minutes)
- Tama-Center Station (Monorail 6 stations, 13 minutes)

To search for more parking lots, please use the following site.

Common parking

666, Takahata, Hino City, Tokyo
〒191-0031 MAP